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For all you alpha males out there who are craving to embrace your dominant side over other men, you’re at the right place. There are femboys skilled at being used as a cum rag, and offer themselves for utter humiliation. It’s not easy dressing up in lingerie and flaunting your ass but don’t worry, they will do it one way or another.

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Crossdresser Slave Webcam

They’re going to obey you, and most usually you’ll have some leverage over them in these sissy webcam rooms, be it through fear of being exposed, or simple respect towards a master. They will act and feel all sexy while posing in new feminine lingerie you’ve made them wear, and sucking dildos like true sluts on the, before you bend them over and fuck their super tight man pussies.

RonasDeek has one goal, and that’s to obey his master, no matter what type of a man you are. You are obviously going to enjoy your time with such a fine specimen, to the point where you’ll enjoy the whole process of sissyfication as much as he does. So make a move, tell him you want to see him nude in front of a mirror, taking a long look at himself.

Isn’t he a piece of work? But nothing that won’t be enhanced with a red bra, and a short skirt so his legs get highlighted, along with the top part of his body. But that’s not enough, he’ll need to shave those ugly hairy legs, every last strand. Once he does it, you’ll see how slick and tender his legs look, like a real little bitch, and soon he’ll act like one.

You command him to take a buttplug and stick it between his buns. Let it sit there while he’s performing a sexy dance to some erotic music of your choice. Tell him to seduce you, just like a crossdressing bimbo would, all while keeping an eye on your firm cock. Then he’s going to kneel and gobble on it, using that slutty mouth like a real little bitch, and eventually acting like one.

Once it’s all lubed up with his dripping saliva, you can command him to ride a suction cup dildo that’s looking just like your girthy cock. Watch as he takes the buttplug out, and lifts his frilly skirt to ram his prepared booty back into that toy. Stroke your dick, go as fast as you’d like while he’s getting impaled on these live private cams following your movements, getting his man pussy drilled deep, and holding him in the same position until it gapes.

But if you want a tougher nut to crack, SantiagoSimons will gladly take you up for that offer. This slender sissy boy is a real drama queen, so you’ll have to go hard on him, the sissyfication process is long and harsh, but why would you even care what she feels like? Now, time to get him bound to a chair, and slowly expose his bare body after stripping all the clothes off.

You make fun of him, telling him that he’s unworthy of ever being called a man and writing “whore” on his chest. Soon he will become one, once you tell him to put some makeup on that face, but make it look extra slutty, going overboard with it until he looks like a backstreet alley pick-up. Along with a blonde wig, he’s going to look the part of a lesser human.

Dumb little crossdresser blondie, sluts like her are the best at blowing dicks, but does he believe you? He will once you hold his mouth open and slam your dick to violate his throat. He’ll try to gather enough air in his lungs, but your cock is going too far, so he stops resisting and plays along. It’s not like he has a choice anyway.

As your slut, he’ll be forced to lick your feet once released from taking a deepthroat. Let that curious tongue do all the hard work, while you’re leaning over and spanking his ass with a whipping cane, demanding he fingers himself. Just like a slut would do, he’s made to use another finger, until eventually fisting his “pussy”. And what would you do? Well, whip that dick out and start jerking off, at least until you cum all over his face.

The process of feminization on in our sissy sex cam rooms can either be easy or hard. It depends on whether your slave decides to be a good little bitch and listen, or is he going to act like one of those bratty daddy’s girls who never get punished. One thing is for sure, you won’t be so lenient, these manlets are going to take a hard lesson at humility.

Maybe you find a favorite sub to terrorize, and it grants him special treatment, like cumming in his mouth and taking two toys at once in the backdoor. Go ahead and find your next slave, looking just like how you imagine a slave to look, especially all dolled up, with a puppy look in his eyes, and ready to serve his dom.

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